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This kind of vegetable name has fabaceous part a lot of, for instance cowpea is mixed take a beans to wait a moment, there are a lot of carotenes and protein in fabaceous horn, the method that make not only a lot of, and edible rises mouthfeel also is pretty good, fabaceous horn still has concoctive internal organs of the body and the effect that how raise spirit and benefit water detumescence, also some people can undertake wrapping dumpling with its, because there is the effect that overcomes between food and food,do not pass, so everybody wants careful collocation, so can fabaceous horn wrap dumpling?

Can fabaceous horn wrap dumpling

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The first, can fabaceous horn wrap dumpling? Can! For instance the dumpling of fabaceous horn stuffing, want a fabaceous part above all abluent, put the bowl that heats boiled water in, after the color that sees fabaceous actor face produces a change, at least wants 8 minutes ripe. Scoop water crosses a few times in putting cold water, the fabaceous part that such making won’t be too sodden. If kidney bean does not have the alkaloid with ripe easy poisonous generation, very dangerous, and if use unripe beans horn to wrap dumpling, that bit of duration that Chan Ping boils dumpling can’t make fabaceous part ripe. Must handle first so.

Can fabaceous horn wrap dumpling

The 2nd, other elephantine Chinese cabbage, cucumber, trailing plantsForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Predict, the water such as celery divides big green vegetables, can have cut course first, put salt next, mix a bit below, place 30 minutes or soFall in love with the sea

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, squeeze dry moisture with gauze next, not be cent saying water is crowded do better more, can be handled according to experience. Contain flavour to encounter salt easily also so like leek and green the green vegetables with respect to evaporate, must when other jobs are made, emersion is cut mix now, too long time is put after be not being cut good. Contain changeful ingredient.

The 3rd, mixing is a place when stuffing1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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After ready fleshy food is put, put soy again, salt, oily, as good as divide evenly. Roll face when, if can be accomplished among thick, both sides is thin that is best, otherwise1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Also must make sure face skin thickness is even, if be to want quick-freeze to rise, what the skin can not do is too thin. Wrap good dumpling, when putting, must be in below thin the layer gives birth to pink or be being scattered thinly is flour, what do not place is too long, direct bag is boiled directly. If want to put ability of above of a hour to eat, after the proposal has been wrapped instantly quick-freeze, the flavour of such dumpling won’t change, also won’t give water to stick chopping boardForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Went up.

Can fabaceous horn wrap dumpling

Can fabaceous horn wrap dumpling? Possible, attention: The dumpling that boil when, must heat boiled water, issue dumpling in boiler when rolling boil, and make sure dumpling won’t be stuck to the end of boiler in the begining. 3 leave, when dumpling floats come up, and of dumpling for nothing when belly rouses bosomy dew to come out, can fill came out.

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