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Plum juice has profit to human body, a lot of people like to drink, so can darling drink plum juice? Actually darling also can drink plum juice, but drink plum juice to have a lot of notes, do not drink too much1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, want right amount, in hollow when do not drink plum juice, right in that way the stomach is bad, if darling taste is frail,perhaps suffer fromLoveForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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When the stomach digests the disease such as the function, cannot drink plum juice.

In the summer with torrid weather, people likes to drink a few cool and refreshingShanghai noble baby

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Tastily plum juice, sensory body is particularly comfortable after been drink, and won’t sweltering symptom happens. But to the other effect of plum juice people understands not much however, the knowledge of this respect introduces below.

Can darling drink plum juice

The effect of plum juice and action

1, fight fatigue

Regular meeting of classics of the people in the life appears a few fatigue symptoms, if can drink a few plum juice, can make fatigue symptom very fast improve, because rich organic acid is contained in plum juice, these organic acid can restrain the generation of acid of human body endosperm, also can accelerate the metabolization of acid of human body endosperm, and lactic acid is the significant presence that causes human body exhaustion, drink plum juice more at ordinary times so, can rise to fight fatigue action apparently.

Can darling drink plum juice

2, promote digest

Promote digesting also is one of significant gain that people drinks plum juice, the belt in its flavour acid is sweet, and contain many citric acid and malic acidShanghai Long Feng forum

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, after these material enter human body, can close toA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Secrete into gastric juice, accelerate peristalsis of intestines and stomach, can promote them to be digested to the alimental in intestines and stomach with absorb, have very big gain to raising human body to digest a function.

3, clear heat sees hot weather

Plum juice can be clear hot detoxify, it suits people to be in most summer is drinkable, pass when temperature tall, humidity is too big, people occurrence spirit when depressed or the body is fatigue, drink a few plum juice more, can let these undesirable symptoms improve, and it can be cleared the heat inside human body is poisonous, can prevent the happening of sweltering symptom effectively.

Can darling drink plum juice

4, maintain human body soda acid balance

Although plum juice is the drink with a kind of sourer taste, but it belongs to basic provision however, can maintain balance of the soda acid inside human body, can accelerate the metabolization of a variety of acidity material inside the body, at ordinary times it suits most with those flesh kind the collocation that feed capable person and eat together, can prevent acidity material accumulation so, can prevent fat, also can prevent body pathological change.

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