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Flesh of beautiful spiral shell is qualitative delicious, crisp tastily, it is people special the product of a kind of sea that like. Eating beautiful snail while, a lot of people still care its nutrient value very much, be in after allFall in love with the sea

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Enjoy cate while, still hope to have profit to our body very much, but realise this or some difficulty to Everyman. So, what nutrition does beautiful spiral shell have? We look in detail below.

Beautiful spiral shell has what nutrition

One, the nutrient value of beautiful spiral shell

The nutrient class status of itself of beautiful spiral shell is very high, it contains a lot ofrich protein and vitamin, return the microelement that can abound for body complement.

2, the advantage of snail having a flower

1. traditional Chinese medical science thinks, beautiful spiral shell has the effect of embellish lung filling kidney, suit the crowd edible of lobar kidney deficiency of yin with irritability.

Qualitative bright of flesh of 2. beautiful spiral shell is delicious and fragile, goluptious, have appetitive effect.

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Degree go up in light of, snail having a flower still has method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood bright eye, soft firm, expectorant effect, beautiful spiral shell returns the function with dirty profit of good essence of life.

Beautiful spiral shell has what nutrition

3, the officinal action of beautiful spiral shell

Snail flesh contains rich vitamin A, protein, iron and calcium, the disease such as bare, icteric to eye, n/med beriberi, haemorrhoid has dietotherapy effect.

Spend the method of choose and buy of snail

Beautiful spiral shell should carry work, vivid beautiful spiral shell is body of meeting dew one’s previous experience normally, with antenna. Finger is touched, beautiful spiral shell can be answered shrink. Also be greasy outside housing have a liquid.

If the flesh of beautiful spiral shell that thoroughly cook is fresh, because be below high temperature,the flesh is met, instantly bulgy, and without send1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Shrink. The beautiful spiral shell of place above desk, can see from the exterior only fresh. Outside if spend snail flesh,showing case only, snail lid did not fall off, with flesh of toothpick winkle snail, also pull even the rear at the same time, such snail is fresh. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Hot wine boils beautiful spiral shell complementary makings: Chili of; of peanut oil, liquor, soy, salt (You Jia of bubble any of several hot spice plants) , Chi of Chinese prickly ash, ginger, garlic, beans (or) of thick broad-bean sauce, water starch.

Practice: 1. Abluent, filter does beautiful spiral shell, chili, the head of garlic cuts bead, ginger section, fabaceous Chi mincing;2. Peanut oil heat comes in lukewarm, chi of next chili, Chinese prickly ash, ginger, garlic, beans explodes sweet, enter beautiful spiral shell, fry to dry body, add liquor 50-100 milliliter, flip through, add soy, salt. A bit stew. 3. Receive juice a bit, the starch that use water ticks off Gorgon euryale. Install dish hind, the more than juice in boiler adds a few soup water, after be being boiled by dish the predestined relationship fills to flesh of snail of Shang Zhike infiltration can.

Beautiful spiral shell has what nutrition

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Fall in love with the sea
Bright spends snail: Refined salt 1 small spoon, small spoon of gourmet powder 1/2, carry on wine 1 small spoon, balm a few, water starch is right amount.

Practice 1, flesh of will beautiful spiral shell is taken out with gallinaceous breast flesh together chop becomes mud, put into the bowl to add bead of lima-bean, ham, condiment to had mixed, reserve. 2, carapace of beautiful spiral shell is abluent, brew the stuffing that has mixed into carapace of beautiful spiral shell inside, enter evaporate of a pot for steaming food 4 minutes can.

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