Cruel plays the lamp to mouse of &V20S of clavier of Lei Bai V510S is net Ga and be born

 Mechanical clavier, game mouse had become the mark of net Ga to match nowadays, and Yan Zhi explodes the mouse of mechanical clavier game of the watch can gain more favour. Big plant of old brand actual strength, homebred peripheral is gotten army brand Lei Bai (RAPOO) before the edition of blaze of V20S black intense that rolled out the intelligent RGB lighting effects that has 16 million kinds before long, lei Bai sent force once more recently, rolled out V510S waterproof mix colour to be in a poor light clavier of machinery of devoid strong game. Two kinds of color can offer user alternative, elegance is black and champagne gold match colors. And black regards utility as the most extensive color, fashionable element all is completely, cooperate the craft of the surface that pull silk and black key cap, a style is old picture arises spontaneously. And Lei Bai V510S is waterproof mix colour to be in a poor light clavier of machinery of devoid strong game matchs the lifelike that edition of blaze of intense of black of mouse of game of optics of form of contest of report of Lei Bai V20S will do ministry style is old raising of things to a higher level.

   Clavier of machinery of Lei Bai V510S is layout of full measure key-press, accord with the design that human body labour learns, clavier R1-R4 area passes calculation of mathematical radian of a flight of stairs, not only feel is comfortable, find key quick, and use keyboard for long produce exhaustion not easily. It is city of heroic alliance, CF, underground and Trojan only, popular game deepness optimizes tens of moneys such as DOTA key-press combination sparks answer speed, and use brand-new design without conflict key-press, bring a player more carefree game experience.

Water regards mechanical clavier as the oldest natural enemy all the time, for the person that employs game to liking, have a bit inadvertent, can fall a machine Bei of the injury that destroy a person. Special to the Internet bar this kind of environment compares complex situation, a waterproof and dustproof mechanical clavier especially important. And clavier of machinery of Lei Bai V510S brought excellent waterproof design. Between key cap and axial body, have a double deck that enclothes clavier interior to keep apart waterproof layer, waterproof layer is thick amount to 6MM, can provide overall waterproof protection for clavier. If the liquid flows into clavier interior carelessly, the liquid is met down waterproof layer, along V510S interior the scanty water of complete rigor guides clavier of launder system eduction, waterproof properties is outstanding. In addition, the design of separator is returned can effective dustproof the splash down that prevents cigarette ash, protect axial body and the cleanness with in-house clavier and service life.

   Waterproof game mechanical clavier is Lei Bai V510S the player offers body of two kinds of axes to choose Lei Bai own blueness axis and own black axis. Life of key-press of 60 million train in excess specified length, no matter be game,still type gift the player’s unique key-press experience.

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