PC game put on sale was previewed in May 2016 ” ruined soldier 4 ” bloody will raid

Coming in May, stand-alone game your work continues to raid, in ” ruined soldier 4 ” explode chop strange animal, be in ” full-scale war: Battle hammer ” in gallop battlefield, of course, player even go round ” land line of defence 2: Revolution ” in save an United States. Follow together small make up will look what did stand-alone game have in May 2015.

Hair is peddling 2K Games and ” derelict ground ” a brand-new hero shoots Gearbox Software of series development business (Hero-shooter) game ” be born for battle ” , shirt-sleeve the element of fire of the first person of fast rhythm and element of much person collaboration, little also of course not the heroes that gather together.

” be born for battle ” happen in distant future, a star that puts only in the universe also is faced with the menace of die out, the heroes of different blood relationship must abandon prejudice will resist jointly minatory. Game offerred many hero to choose for players, they can undertake cooperate or be in the match in gut battle one relatively relative superiority or inferiority.

Game still can offer to invade at the same time (Incursion) mode, this is the antagonism mode of a 5V5, have what the first person of fast rhythm shoots play to play a way, still have at the same time similar ” the hero is allied ” and ” Dota 2 ” in that way politic element.

” umbra is Caesarean: Refashion edition ” will bring original edition for players ” umbra is Caesarean ” the times welcome content in game, and have the picture of comprehensive innovation pledge and extra accomplishment and Great Master challenge (Master Challenges) . In addition, development group still increased action of brand-new fistfight of dynamic fighting at close quarters in game, the sense that because this becomes you,lurk faces the foe will be more real; still has the test site pattern that adds newly (the skill that Proving Grounds Mode) helps you try him refine.

” galaxy ” be a deepness is politic kind of game, included in game many outside the star is phyletic with compact game gut, it is with ” steely great ambition (Hearts Of Iron) ” the Paradox Interactive with famous series first game of this kinds of subject matter. The player will be right in game each galaxy basises undertake exploration early or late orderly, encounter encounter varied interesting outside astral biology and the foe that produce randomly.

” cross ocean 2: Competitor ” it is an imitate management game that makes by Deck13 Hamburg, this making is ” cross ocean: Shipping company ” add is made. In this making the player can serve as the controller of a shipping company, international competition becomes more tough, and fight to what the most profitable contract undertakes also had begun. Player can the competitors in him conquer in 7 ocean, does the shipping company that leads oneself move toward summit summit?

” song benefit inferior ” it is the behavioral part that makes by Whalebox Studio acts game. In this making, the player is met place oneself surprises at unreal mainland, hundreds civilization has been destroyed, the force of a few general trends of remaining is contending for broken world, but what although again powerful mankind also is met,be fear of field is giant strange animal. Blame animal for antagonism, the player must collect resource and data, what the name that make is Goliath is giant robot, with front of an eccentric person the battle is gotten live.

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