You and finger tip ” greedy cavern ” brilliant go on an expedition history data reviewing

Those who cherish pair of homebred and independent game approbate, ” greedy cavern ” go all the way, swim in the hand the blindly follow sb in harships, arrive from unknown to public sweet full world, gained the support of the friend inside player and course of study and attention. No matter this is the player of silent for a long time,to homebred independence game is sent from the heart call an one second lovers’ prattle, what still swim of the instantly of network be current to cannot duplicate in the hand is mythological. But be in ” greedy cavern ” in course of whole go on an expedition, saying truth with data from beginning to end.

The apple is free bully of a list of names posted up holds throne several days, let numerous manufacturer look and promote sigh. Up to on May 14, 2016, add an user newly to defeat the data show of 3 million continuously, let independent game have a day of feel proud and elated.

If you feel unfamiliar to these data, the Mongolia country that hopes to us domain conforms please, its permanent population also 3 million the left and right sides. That is to say ” greedy cavern ” add user number newly inside the time that is less than half an year to be able to have comprised another Mongolia nation. Also do not know to creat in former days how should the Cheng Jisai sweat of Mongolia empire think?

Of fashionable Eurasia ” greedy cavern ” December 2016, advertisement appears on the west armour competition ground, hasty dekko is on wall of setting of instant of goal of Mr Jinqiu Meixi ” greedy cavern ” . After this, cavern tornado sweeps across European mainland quickly, the feeling of plays law and implied meaning profundity concealed Zang opera with concise and lively game captured the heart of Europe land people at a draught. After close therewith, asian mainland also by ” greedy cavern ” affect, the country such as Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and area one by one fall into enemy hands, it seems that everybody cannot be prevented ” greedy cavern ” the road of conquer.

Just compare in former days conqueror relies on Ou Ya of swallow like a whale of armed strength might, ” greedy cavern ” make a psychological attack is on. Style of draw of line of 2D beautiful type, tall freedom spends mechanism of painted eggshell of 100 advancing means, random maps, rich game, measurable penalty to wait functional application a moment, satisfied the recreational requirement of complete mankind player, and follow-up function still is in the product to be optimized continuously.

In March 2016, ” greedy cavern ” after circuit of overseas Gao Fei, move head of change to another ship, sail a motherland. Still be in interrogative China when everybody when look of market may not must play independent game, domestic player denied with real operation however this proposition in April 2016, ” greedy cavern ” the line on domestic An Zhuo version, bomb of much channel insanity, channel company group, media forum, blossomming to beg the player such as the welfare, gold that beg krypton to leave a message everywhere, the cohesive affinity with long already long parted appears again because of a game. This momently, everybody discovers gradually, independent before game did not disappear in chinese mainland, did not die in the mist brume of game cold winter.

” greedy cavern ” set out from China, swim in the hand door going abroad takes in boundless, taking honor to return to the motherland, got the ceremony of compatriots is waited for likewise. Game does not have national boundaries, ” greedy cavern ” accomplished. Probably will your work of more domestic independent game are about to come out.

” greedy cavern ” be live by what Qianbao game sole agent issues expeditionary hand of kind of labyrinthian stand-alone playing a way swim, the player will act hunter of a treasure to enter underground treasure is found in cavern. Chest of the treasure in cavern everywhere, the player eliminates chest of treasure of an eccentric person, open ceaselessly through be in cavern, obtain equipment prop and experience value, promote oneself actual strength. But if the player is in ” greedy cavern ” in die not carefully, answer Qian be enforcinged town, equipment explodes entirely, experience to clear, file to clear. Roguelike is applied regularly, also be its brighter characteristic.

Put amusement of dome each other on the ice, predecessor is issued with game for money treasure game and game application shop is development professional work, roll out the game product that fits player requirement ceaselessly. Already sent luggage draw together now ” demon sufficient institute ” , ” intense blaze Sha Cheng ” , wait for much money hand to swim product, game of independence of class of the phenomenon below the banner ” greedy cavern ” below Ceng Chuang successive record of first place of Fu Feibang of much day apple. Future, amusement of each other glacial dome still will roll out much money to cover behavioral venture, part to act wait for category game product, interact hand in hand recreation, let a player enjoy game pleasure.

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