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Vegetable juice is one of methods with contemporary the most commonly used preserve one’s health. Vegetable juice extracts juice to form by all sorts of different vegetable, not only drinkable and convenient, and be absorbed more easily also by human body. Dot often drinks vegetable juice to still can promote body growth, enhance immune power of the child. Additional, vegetable juice is OK still embellish bowel is aperient, having first-rate effect to treating the disease such as constipation. So, what vegetable suits to make vegetable juice?

What vegetable suits to make vegetable juice

Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice is the juice that extracts by all sorts of vegetable place. Vegetable melon and fruit besides can outside the dish with goluptious make it, still can make contain a lot ofthe drink of fruit vegetables juice that fights oxide. Because of fresh fruit vegetable juice can be human body effectively compensatory vitamin and the mine nurture such as calcic, phosphor, Potassium, magnesium are qualitative, can adjust human body function to coordinate, enhance cellular vigor and function of intestines and stomach, stimulative digestive juice is secreted, eliminate exhaustion.

The toxic substance inside human body basically originates two ways: It is the contaminant in atmosphere and fountainhead, reach through breath dine invade human body inside, the heavy metal such as lead, aluminous, mercury is its representing; is food another metabolize inside body the trash after, be like hydrogen of freedom radical, indole, vulcanization to wait. Juice of Xian Guo, fresh vegetable often can remove the toxin that piles up inside body and trash.

Of vegetable juice make a way very simple, will vegetable abluent cut flake, the agitate in putting juicer can, drinkable when flavor with white sugar or honey. The effect of dietotherapy health care of a few kinds of common vegetable juice introduces below.

What vegetable suits to make vegetable juice

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Dish juice practice

Carrot juice

Quantitative Xian Huluo predicts juice, can improve the condition of whole airframe. CarrotShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Juice can increase the person’s appetite and the strength to infection. The mother of lactation drinks some of carrot juice more everyday, the mother that quality should compare the grandma juice that secretes not to drink this kind of juice is gotten high much. Have cankerous person, juice can reduce drinkable carrot significantly symptom, carrot juice still has alleviate conjunctivitis and maintain the action of system of whole visual sense.

Celery juice

Celery flavour faint scent, can enhance the person’s appetite. When weather is dry and torrid, juice of on one cup of celery is drunk after early morning gets up, find oneself will be good much. Also had better drink some of celery juice between two eat. Celery juice also can serve as diuresis and aperient and step-down fine medicine. Because the root leaf of celery contains rich vitamin A, B1, B2, C and P, so celery juice agrees with especially the person that the vitamin is lacked is drinkable.

What vegetable suits to make vegetable juice

Cabbage patch juice

Restore to promoting hematopoiesis functionary cabbage patch, fight blood-vessel sclerosis and prevent carbohydrate to turnForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Become adipose, prevent serum cholesterol deposit to wait have favorable effect. Cabbage patch the vitamin A in juice, can promote cheeper to development grows and prevent nyctalopia. Cabbage patch the Selenium that juice place contains, divide outside conducing to amblyopia of prevention and cure, still conduce to the harm of the antiseptic power that enhances cell of human body words spoken by an actor from offstage and counteractive heavy metal to airframe. When gum infection causes periodontosis, drinkable mix juice with carrot cabbage patch, can supply many vitamin C for human body not only, return OK and clean oral cavity at the same time.

Cucumber juice

Effect be among the best of candidates. Cucumber juice also has important place in able-bodied heart and hemal respect, can adjust blood pressure, precautionary cardiac muscle is het-up with sclerosis of arterial congee appearance. Cucumber juice still can make neurological mix undisturbedly able-bodied, can enhance memory. Cucumber juice damages to gum the prevention and cure that reachs pair of periodontosis also has certain effect. A lot of elements that cucumber juice place contains are hair and fingernail place need, can prevent a hair to fall off to be broken off with fingernail crack. Cucumber juice is contained adipose with candy less, it is idealer beverage reducing weight.

Tomato juice

Satisfy the need of C of a day of vitamin. Drink on a few cups of tomato juice, can get the in part of the vitamin A of need of place of one day and night. Tomato contains a large number of citric acid and malic acid, have greatly to the metabolic process of whole airframe benefit, can promote gastric juice to generate, strengthen pair of fat alimental to digest. The vitamin P in tomato has the effect that protects hypertension of hemal, prevention and cure, can improve cardiac to work. In addition, constant drink tomato juice can make the skin strong and handsome. Juice of the cider on tomato juice add, pumpkin and lemon juice, still can have the effect that reduce weight.

Honey pumpkin juice

Fresh pumpkin is right amount, abluent pressure take juice. A cup of juice joins honey one spoon is moved all. Everyday 2 ~ 3, to cardiovascular disease, fat disease, liver and nephritic disease, and all sorts of oedema have curative effect. Hold a diuresis and composed action concurrently at the same time, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Auxiliary cure prostate cancer.

Honey potato juice: Take a potato right amount, abluent pressure take juice, a cup of juice adds person honey one spoon is smooth. Everyday 2-3 second, night is hollow and drinkable. To safeguarding water to metabolize to be mixed normally heart function has very good effect normally. Pass to hydrochloric acid in gastric juice at the same time much, and the ache that causes because of place of ulcer of stomach, duodenum, bilge gas, disgusting wait for a symptom, all have more apparent inhibition.

Green vegetables water

Advocate makings: Green vegetables (dish of rape, chicken feather, a variety of Chinese cabbage all but) 50 grams. Complementary makings: Refined salt a few, clear water makes an appointment with 50 milliliter.

Make a way: (1) will immerse 1 hour after green vegetables is abluent, next fish out is mincing.

(A bowl of small clear water is added inside 2) boiler, boil hind puts food, build the lid that tighten boiler to boil 5 minutes again, wait for dish broken bits goes when temperature is appropriate, join refined saltShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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A few, can saline taste of savor of in a way is degree, can divide with.

Characteristic: Food boiling water is virescent, have faint scent, contain more vitamin C. Appropriate 3-5 lunar baby edible. Should notice, food boiling water should be followed boil along with with, lest long put make vitamin C invalidation.

Tomato juice

Advocate makings: Tomato 1.

Complementary makings: White sugar 10 grams, warm boiled water is right amount.

Make a way: (The fresh tomato with will mature 1) is abluent, iron with boiled water soft hind flay is mincing, the double deck gauze of reoccupy cleanness has been wrapped, tomato juice impact is little inside. (2) takes tomato juice, put white sugar into juice, right amount warm boiled water develops reoccupy after tone can drinkable. Characteristic: Taste acid originally sweet goluptious, contain a lot ofvitamin C and vitamin A. Suit 3 ~ the baby of 4 months is drinkable.

Carrot soup

Advocate makings: Carrot 50 grams. Complementary makings: White sugar 5 grams, clear water is right amount.

Make a way: (1) will cut Cheng Ding after carrot is abluent, put right amount clear water is added to boil inside boiler, about 20 minutes can be boiled sodden. (2) filters with clean gauze go broken bits, the Shang Zhong below filter joins white sugar smooth can drinkable. Characteristic: Flavour slightly sweet, contain a lot ofcarotene. Appropriate at 3-5 lunar baby drinkForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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